Can You Feel the PinterLove Tonight?


Simple math lesson. Tweet = 140 char. Picture on Pinterest = 1000 words.  QED: Pinterest > sliced bread.

It seems like everyone and their crazy cousin Al who doesn’t even have a computer is effusing all over Pinterest. I refused to even look at it for that reason alone for a long time. A long time in the social media world is about two weeks. So my gradual and grudging romance with Pinterest can’t be written off as FOSS (Flavor of the Second Syndrome).

Even if you dismiss this post as further evidence of the Swirly P’s Jedi Mind Trick on the Blogerati, you are de facto admitting that Pinterest is a Jedi.

Want to know the secret? It’s no secret. Pinterest is essentially an online sales delivery device, so it’s no shock they are good at advertising. Allow me to demonstrate:

Upcoming Productions: I landed on this pinboard from a follower of a follower. (I believe the word “friend” can no longer be used in conversation due to Facebook trademark violations.) Landed isn’t really the right word because landing on a pin would hurt. Let me start again. I pierced this pinboard while searching the Travel Channel pinboard for poolside jobs in Tahiti. Instead of sending out resumes, I spent the day filling out Entertainment Contests and Sweepstakes. The pins let you search visually for the prize you want – travel, houses, cameos in upcoming movies – and link you to the site that will begin your Witness Protection Program.

Pin to Purchase: This infographic breaks down sales conversions from online marketing like a Angry Bird takes out Pig Mansions. Everyone wants to see hard numbers coming out of social media but Pinterest can actually do it because it is essentially a mall built inside an art gallery.

All Cool Things About Pinterest: I’m lazy. I want video, podcasts, survey data, blogs, links and posts on one page so I can get some stuff done offline for once. Pinterest answers, “You’re welcome.” This pinboard is dedicated to what Pinterest has accomplished in a little over a year and what you can do with it. After advertising and promotion, the top use right now is searching by city to see what complementary and competitive businesses are doing in your area.

I, for one, welcome our new Pinsect overlords. There is plenty of playroom in the social media daycare, especially if a site can drive sales and devour chunks of underserved markets.

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