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Facestagram – Facebook’s New Camera App

Facebook’s New Camera App

We’ve all heard the recent news of Facebook’s purchase of Instagram. So, today it was no shock seeing the new Facebook Camera App for the first time.

One thing that’s puzzled me is why Facebook has multiple apps on top of their regular app. There’s Facebook Messenger and another recent app Facebook Pages Manager. That’s another post.

Facebook Camera App Icon Screenshot

Once I connected the Facebook Camera app to my Facebook profile it uses my iPhone Photos where I can choose what photo to upload.

Facebook Camera App for iPhone

You can select a photo you’ve already taken or you can click the camera icon to launch the built-in camera on the iPhone.

After you’ve selected the photo for upload you can crop and/or add a filter to the image… a la Instagram.

Once your photo is ready for all your family and friends to see click the check circle at the top and then the blue button at the bottom. Now you can add a comment or another photo to upload before you post.

You can tag people and add locations to your photos just like the current Facebook app. They’ve also added a privacy filter that allows who you want to share the photo with.

You did it. Your photo of that Curry Chicken dish you think we all need to see is now on Facebook for all the world to ogle… unless I hide your feed, which is highly likely.

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About Sean Biehle

I’m a Taurus who enjoys rainy Sunday afternoons, open source technology, and unicorns.


Disease probability prognosticator to help you stop worrying about that mole. OR, start worrying about it more.

About Sean Biehle

I’m a Taurus who enjoys rainy Sunday afternoons, open source technology, and unicorns.

If Only Diane Arbus Had an iPhone


Comedian Dean Fleisher-Camp created a video, released this week, of people posing for photos. However, instead of snapping an image on his iPhone, when posers prepared – he videotaped them.


The resulting video montage is funny, but I found it more compelling in how vulnerable the people on the other side of the lens were in preparation for their still life.  The subjects make personal adjustments, and multiple facial expressions that seem more telling than a photograph it’s self could ever be on it’s own.

I’m halfway tempted to prank my friends and family with the same method, but it seems to invasive. Maybe this is what the aborigines in Australia were talking about with photographs taking a part of your soul?

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