Ain’t Skerd of Pandas

Google Panda

SEO is overwhelming.  Seriously, how am I going to try to figure out anything Google does – let alone what a Google-bot does? I still argue with my microwave.

I feel somewhat like a super awesome lady for knowing anything about it – like this kind of computer stuff is strictly for the boys. However, when I heard about this thing called a “Google Panda” I was all for it.

Actually I’ve heard they’re actually super sweet Internet bears.

They should consider naming all computer stuff after cute animals or things and women would be all over it. I heard Droid is jumping on the wagon with dessert names for their software, and I suppose Apple has been for years with their fierce animal operating systems (i.e. Snow Leopard – you know they saw that bit on Planet Earth and were all like, “That is fierce, name it after that animal.”)

Elusive Snow Leopard Video:


Seriously though, I’m not trying to say girls are all just about cute little names and animals. We’re smart – we just appreciate things to be acoustically and aesthetically pleasing, or at the very least I do. So I’m going to be working on creating the Girls Guide to SEO – illustrated by Lisa Frank.


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What Do You Think?
Ian says:

Or fetch puppies.

Libby says:

Or sneaky search weasels.

Ian says:

Maybe instead of “search engines,” they should be referred to as “search kitties,” since cats are so curious?