Front and Center – Life at an Advertising Agency


Christina is our shiny new penny at the Creative Department. As the first person people see when they enter our doors, her perspective is vital.

Month One.


Starting at the Creative Department is definitely a new experience for me. I come from the non-profit sect so the idea that everyone isn’t always freaking out about cost cutting, or just freaking out in general is nice. There’s no board to worry about, or disgruntled volunteer I’m avoiding.

In fact, everyone that has walked through the door has been nothing but cordial.

Sitting at the front desk has conjured many thoughts on the role of a secretary/receptionist.. I find myself often thinking of the secretaries I’ve seen on screen and have pondered who I might be most similar to in this regard.

First there is Joan Holloway of Mad Men – fitting as she too is working for an Advertising agency. She’s a smooth operator who knows the ins and outs of the physical office and the psychology of the men in charge, and the fragile women who work for them.

Joan Holloway of Mad Men

Then quite the opposite is Karen Walker, the boozy assistant from the sitcom Will & Grace. While I adore her ability to completely live in a dream world of wealth, pills and martinis – I can imagine that this kind of secretary never actually exists; at least not for very long.

Karen Walker - Will & Grace

Then there’s April Ludgate on Parks and Recreation. She dislikes pretty much everything and refuses to actually complete any task she is given, but is a perfect match for her boss Ron Swanson. So I take that back; in odd but perfect scenarios a secretary that is terrible can keep their job.

April Ludgate - Parks and Recreation

Certainly this isn’t a sitcom and I can’t say that my experiences are any where closely related to the ones of the ladies mentioned above. However, if I had to choose one I’d want to be like it’d be Joan. I mean who doesn’t want to feel in charge even if you’re at the bottom of the totem pole?

About Christina Pfeffer

Christina attended the University of Cincinnati where she majored in Communications (with a focus in Mass Media and Rhetoric) and minored in Fine Arts and Art History. She worked at the Cincinnati Art Museum in Institutional Advancement where she managed volunteers and fundraisers, until jumping ship to advertising.

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