Meeting the “Newb”

Hello, blog world

My name is Stacey and I am the “newb” here at The Creative Department.  My role is Brand Coordinator and simply, I help manage clients’ accounts.  I become the expert on the client’s business, an active participant in strategy development, and I maintain the relationship between the client and the agency. Besides working at CD, I enjoy riding my bike through town, eating my fruits and vegetables, and hanging out with my scrappy cats Frankie and Bonnie.



How did I get here? 

I am a proud graduate of Northern Kentucky University where I studied abroad in England while also traveling to France, Scotland, and Ireland.  I’ve worked in quite a few marketing departments from local public radio station WNKU 89.7, to one of the Nation’s top zoos (yes, the Cincinnati Zoo), to The Princeton Review in Irvine, CA.  I was introduced to The Creative Department through a friend and former manager whom I’m forever grateful for.


Cincinnati Zoo

I remember driving my airconditionless Sebring (AKA the “Michael Scott Mobile”) to Over the Rhine on a scorching August day for my first visit with The Creative Department.  Stepping inside was a breath of fresh air (literally) and one of the coolest office spaces I had ever seen.  First of all, the lobby welcomed me with a bathtub turned coffee table (AKA The Tubble), a telephone booth complete with a superman costume, and an antique elevator the size of my bathroom.  After lunch, my tour of the office followed with brightly colored paint, neon signs, and delightfully, quirky décor.

Michael Scott Mobile

Superman Telephone Booth

As for the employees and my future co-workers – just as quirky as the décor and as witty as their advertising.  I was in love.  I had known the people and the space for a mere hour and a half, but already felt oddly comfortable.

It was nice “meeting” you

I’ve been here a little over four months and am still ecstatic that The Creative Department has so warmly welcomed me to their team – I think I’ll stick around for a while.  Look for my next post about ProKids, my first client and CD’s 2012 pro bono client.

About Stacey

Bike riding, cat loving, vegetable eating, advertising professional in the Queen City.

What Do You Think?

Haha, it’s okay – it was only a billion degrees out, Jacqui :)  

Jacqui says:

You forgot the part about our little walk through OTR to get to our lunch destination. I was directionally challenged and you were kind and sweet enough not to point it out or complain. :-) So happy you are here and on the team.