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Generate a bunch of content quickly.


Generate a bunch of content quicklyMORE CONTENT

If content is king, generating content is the key to the kingdom. Just how does a company find the time to ascend to the throne and generate content? A couple ways, actually. Services like Brafton and Reachcast not only make it possible, they make it workable.


We currently recommend Brafton News for a quick start out of the content blocks. They generate News content, not Blog content (the two are slightly different in nature — front page news vs. Op Ed). We employ them to write our own News page. Brafton is a network of professional writers supplementing their careers by freelancing online content according to the prescribed editorial slant of the company that hires them. For us, they devote 2-4 writers to our content and they send us 15-25 articles per month via RSS. The content is good but not Pulitzer-winning – that’s not the point. We receive, approve it and release it out thru our Web page and our own RSS feed as our own CD content (unique content that we own). Cost: ~$2000/mo entry level. But sometimes the supervising of this content can be painful in itself. We happen to have a brilliant editor-in-chief on staff who performs this function. It draws a regular readership, but more importantly, the fresh stream of content landed us in GoogleNews which now helps us put an iron hold our rank at the top of the marketing/branding charts in Midwest regional searches. Creative Department has recommended this tactic to several of our clients and they like it as well.


Recently, we met with ReachLocal regarding their offerings. In addition to having a pretty stellar PPC solution, they have branched out into other services in the past few years. One of these is content generation, ReachCast. The cost $1,299 – $1,799/mo depending on the number of News articles AND Blog entries you need. The main difference from the Brafton service is the blogging feature. But they also employ intriguing technology to track and promote the content. It’s probably worth your time checking out. We were impressed, but we have not had the opportunity to implement a solution like this for any of our clients.


In short, either solution delivers way more content than you can probably generate on your own in-house (yes, we’ve tried). And you can use this content to grow fresh content on your home page which as you know, works like crack for the GoogleBots. And you can use it to go for the bonus – a metric ton of SEO links. (The RSS feed can be submitted to several places (in particular, Google News) and burble up into a nice wellstream of links – and your subsequent perception as an industry thought leader. (Which, of course, you are if you follow us.)


Also note: If you’re in a hurry for success in this area, we can help implement these strategies (especially Brafton), as we know the best practices at this point and can save the headaches that we went through – to keep it from becoming a royal pain.


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