Sarcastic Thursday

A few years ago, when I was working for Luxottica Retail, I became friends with a coworker in the Consumer Insights Group, Scott Aaron. Even though he is in violation of my rule to never trust a man with two first names, we bonded quickly over our love for consumer insights… and all things sarcastic. During many days and nights spent behind a two-way mirror, eating M&M’S, and listening to consumers drone on about eyeglasses, we invented Sarcastic Thursday.

And Sarcastic Thursday was fun for all involved. Or not.

But to us, Thursday became a day to look forward to, when we were free to unapologetically dole out sarcasm to anyone who crossed our paths. For one day of the week, we had free reign to spread our sense of humor across campus, and everyone just had to deal with it.

And even though I left Luxottica for my current job at The Creative Department, Scott soldiers on. Even in my absence, he continues to fly the flag of sarcasm every Thursday without fail.

So I got to thinking, shouldn’t I do the same?

And so it was that I introduced Sarcastic Thursday to CD.

A rogue band of beer guzzling intellects proceeded to hold up Thursdays to the highest standards of caustic commentary. And the popularity soared – at least among 3 or 4 of us – so we created other days of the week – Bitter Mondays and Condescending Fridays.

Condescending Friday has become the favorite and not just because it falls on the last day of the work week. Being able to talk down to people with no consequences until Bitter Monday? It’s a dream come true!

Tuesdays and Wednesdays have been left untouched to save some room for wild cards and give everyone else a break.

How do you pass the time (or justify your attitude) during the work week?

I’d love to know.

Or not.

What Do You Think?

Usually i start with weekly report which i send to my boss. This report contain previous week work activities. What i perform through whole week. Then next day similar kind of work which i do for every day…

Anonymous says:

I liked the way you used the comma and period in this post.