The Tubble

Phone Booth Every December, we, as an agency, throw money into a hat to give our founding partners a gift to thank them for a great year. Over the years, these gifts have included a neon sign shaped like our logo, a phone booth, an entry rug (featuring our logo), a table set (again, logo), a fishtank, an old exercise machine, and a disco ball. This year, we decided to tear a page out of our agency equity—”Good. Clean. Fun.”—and our website, which features a clawfoot tub, and create The Tubble.

What’s a tubble, you ask? Simple, it’s a tub, filled with bubbles, that we turned into a a coffee table. Tub + Bubbles + Table = Tubble.

It all started with a rusty tub on a neighbor’s porch.

He was gutting his house and graciously gave us this old clawfoot tub. While the structural integrity of the tub was sound, it needed some work. The porcelain inside had some rust spots, the feet and fixture were rusted, and the outside of the tub had about 12 coats of paint on it.

So how did we get from this:


to this?

The Tubble

You’d be surprised at how easy (and relatively inexpensive) it was. Read on to see how make your own Tubble.

The Cost
What You’ll Need
Prepping Your Workspace
Step 1 – Creating a Template for your Tabletop
Step 2 – Removing the Hardware
Step 3 – Cleaning the Outside of the Tub and the Feet
Step 4 – Painting the Tub
Step 5 – Painting the Feet
Step 6 – Reattaching the Feet
Step 7 – Cleaning the Inside of the Tub
Step 8 – Attach the Hardware
Step 9 – “Fill” the Tub
Step 10 – Add the Tabletop
Step 11 – Enjoy your Tubble

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